Weekly Walk-Through

The weekly walk-through is Iokua’s most essential function.  Our staff are in your home weekly to ensure that all areas of your home are inspected:

*Homes will be properly secured at all times

*Confirm that no catastrophic conditions are occurring in the home

*High-Maintenance systems are tested and confirmed to be operational

*Ensure that the property is arrival ready and that all areas are aesthetically pleasing

*Report maintenance repairs and update on projects in real-time


Monthly Property Inspections

Iokua’s monthly inspections are designed to be the most rigorous in the industry.  Everything in the home is inspected, from outlet covers to multi-zone Crestron systems.  Iokua staff are trained to touch and test everything that an owner would and to leave no item uninspected.   

Detailed and thorough reporting is essential.  Iokua clients will receive detailed monthly reports that outline inspection outcomes and maintenance recommendations.  Repair estimates will be provided to the owner by Iokua-vetted contractors and vendors.


Arrival Preparation

Iokua strives to provide unique and unmatched guest and owner visit experiences on the Big Island.  Each Iokua property will function flawlessly and our clients can expect a stress-free and memorable visit.  Iokua offers the following services to enhance the arrival experience and ensure visit experience like no other:

*Personalized greeting upon arrival at Iokua Properties

*Personal tour of the property upon arrival to answer any questions about the functions of the property

*Detailed pre-arrival checklists with customized entries to ensure it feels like you never left home.

*Grocery shopping and errand runs offered at an hourly rate to make sure you are not wasting a moment relaxation during your visit.  

Iokua works closely with your property maintenance vendors to ensure your pool, landscape and house systems and housekeeping are perfect for your arrival


Departure Inspections

After you or your guests depart, you can be assured that your home will be secured and returned to “Arrival-Ready” condition immediately.  Iokua’s staff are trained to keep our properties arrival-ready year round and ready for your return at a moment’s notice.  Iokua developed a rigorous departure checklist to ensure:

*All areas of the property are secured

*Housekeeping is completed in a timely manner by your preferred housekeeping team

*All rubbish, perishables and other items are removed from the property immediately

*New damages and maintenance concerns are catalogued and reported immediately

*Property systems including A/Cs, lights, A/V systems, water heaters, pool/spa systems and other appliances/utilities are placed in an ‘away’ setting to minimize wasted energy use


Vendor Oversight, Profile Updates, Projects and Consolidated Billing

When you are away from your Hawaii property, you can be assured that Iokua is actively working to keep your property in top form.  Iokua has a large network of vendors and contractors that have years of experience servicing high-end resort properties.  Iokua strives to manage your property at a high level by effectively managing every person that has a hand in transforming your Hawaii property into your Hawaiian ‘home-away-from-home.’  

Iokua offers the best in property management by enacting the following property care elements for each home:

*Consolidated billing and invoicing via Iokua.  Clients will receive a consolidated billing statement that clearly and accurately lists all charges associated with the property.  

*Iokua will oversee and work closely with all vendors, and provide controlled access to them to ensure the security of your home.  

*Iokua will maintain a detailed Custom Client Profile that will outline every client’s personal preferences, from photos detailing furniture placement to bedroom and bathroom set-ups.  

*Iokua will oversee owner projects and construction large and small and will ensure everything is completed in a timely manner and at the highest quality.

*Iokua will document and report on upcoming, ongoing, and completed projects for each client, and will include photo updates and videos as needed.  

*Iokua will provide clients with multiple estimates as requested for maintenance and repair projects.  


365 days a year.