Building a company, a brand, a Family...

Building a company, a brand, a Family… Is not easy.  The Kohala Coast is one of the most scenic, picturesque and visited places in the State of Hawaii.  It is a place of leisure, a place to come to rest, to spend time with Family and Friend to just be in the moment.

It is also a highly competitive market for those of us who service and work here.  From housekeeping, pool service, maintenance, residential services, property management, vacation rental and sales, there is a demand for all of these services and with any market there are those who are amazing at what they do and there are some who might be lacking in one way or another.

In every facet of our Property Service industry there are good people, great vendors and amazing Clients.  No one company can be everything to everybody and we at Iokua are no different.  So how does one decide on who their Vacation Rental Company should be?  Who should manage your Residential Services? 

When it comes to housekeeping, landscaping, maintenance, I think it is a bit easier to sift through the vendor or company that fits you best.  The reason is that they produce a tangible product, that upon completion you know, that the work has been done well and that it is completed.  The Naupaka filling in nicely in your buffer area, or the orchids blooming at your entrance, new counter tops are set just right, the pillows set just as you like them, etc.  With Residential Services and Property Management, it is a “what you don’t see” endeavor.

When you spend only 25% of your year in your home or villa, “what you don’t see” or “what you do not want to see” is deferred maintenance, water pulling in one spot in your yard, a refrigerator door left open, the contents that were not removed spoiled or worse yet, the place just as you left it last time you were here (nobody has been back since).  The latter is something that happens more than you think especially since our clientele can be very mobile, spur of the moment, quick visits to paradise.

Our promise as you have seen on our site and in our advertising.  “Your Hawaii home, ready for you 365 days a year”.  This is a bold statement, and without a solution it is only a promise.

Our solution.  Weekly walk-throughs, strong vendor relationships, clear and concise communication with our clients and vendors.  Though I think what makes us unique in the industry is that not only do we give you a promise and expectation, we put it in writing.  Not only as a guide or promotional item, but as a written agreement to you of how we will fulfill that promise of “Your Hawaii home, ready for you 365 days a year”.