12 Month overview of Hawaii Island Real Estate

12 Month overview of Hawaii Island Real Estate 5-1-2015 to 4-30-2016 and Year-To-Date Comparison of sales month ending 4-30-2016

Lots of numbers.  I could reiterate what you see on the charts below, but make of it what you will.  The numbers seem to support an overall feeling in the marketplace, specifically for North Kona, South Kohala & South Hilo.

The single family residential market is in a place of balance.   

I purposely did not include Puna in this conversation, as there is large number of foreclosures that existing in the marketplace, far more than are currently on market, and will have an effect on the overall market for the foreseeable future.

As mentioned, the market itself is in a place of balance, specifically for the North Kona, South Kohala and South Hilo markets.  While North Kona has seen a slight decline in unit transactions YTD, the median sales price has increased. Disregard the volume as the 77.78% change, is more a reflection of larger than usual single transactions, then an overall increase in the market.  The 9.21% increase in median price is a better barometer of the current market, taking into account the 5 less transactions, YTD.

9.59 months of inventory, and the slight increase in activity compiled with a significant increase in median sale price, seemingly is putting further pressure on supply.  This pressure should push the Months of Inventory under 8.


Similar data sets apply to South Kohala and South Hilo markets, while the former has the same unit activity YTD, the latter is significantly higher.  Both markets saw significantly less that a ½% deviation in median sale price and both have under 10 months’ inventory on market.

In these specific markets, there will be opportunities for both Buyers and Sellers.  While some may say we are on the tail end of a Buyers’ market, I wouldn’t fully disagree, but there is a clear direction in which we are in or currently moving into a balanced market.